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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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good evening. donald trump making news tonight calling for a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation, saying the same racketeering laws used against organized crime should be applied to hillary clinton. he renewed his outreach to latin americans and latinos but in a way that's stirring debate to say the least. sara murray was at the debate in akron and joins us from there. trump repeatedly described the clinton foundation as quote, pay for play during the speech tonight. >> reporter: you're right. this is supposed to be a week where donald trump was going to be talking about immigration and instead, he decided to use this week to really hammer the
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clintons and today, the headline really was him calling for this special prosecutor, essentially saying he no longer has any faith in the justice department after hillary clinton's e-mail controversy but he does want someone to dig in and look at these ties between the state department and the clinton foundation. now, as he was saying this, cheers of "lock her up" broke out right here in this arena. that's a good indication to you of how moving this is to the republican base but it's also the kind of thing that the trump campaign believes could resonate with independent voters, voters who believe the clintons aren't trustworthy or really buy into the notion the clintons have played by their own rules. >> talk more about donald trump yet again kind of speaking to african-americans, not necessarily in that hall, but who may have been watching. what did he say? >> reporter: this has been a relatively new overture from trump for the last couple of days, trying to do this outreach to black voters. he caught a lot of criticism even from members of his own party who looked at his polling which is abysmal with
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essentially said he wasn't even trying to make the effort. so now we are hearing donald trump on the campaign trail trying to make the effort but it's raising a few eyebrows by how he's doing it. essentially saying things can't get any worse. take a listen to what he said. >> crime, all of the problems to the african-americans who i employ so many, so many people, to the hispanics, tremendous people. what the hell do you have to lose? give me a chance. i'll straighten it out. i'll bring jobs back. we'll bring spirit back. we'll get rid of the crime. you'll be able to walk down the street without getting shot. right now, you walk down the street, you get shot. >> reporter: now, his critics are already seizing on twitter on that last line, you walk down the street and you get shot. anderson, as you alluded to, it's worth noting when donald trump comes to arenas like this,
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he certainly does draw a raucus crowd that is delighted to see him but very few african-american faces in that mix. >> thanks very much. more on the revelations in the clinton e-mail story donald trump latched on to. jeff zeleny joins us with the latest on that. these 15,000 e-mails and e-mail attachments we learned about today, what do they show? >> we don't know exactly what they say because frankly we haven't seen them yet. as you said, there are 15,000 documents, most of them, not all of them, are e-mails. these were all discovered by the fbi during their year-long investigation of her private e-mail server. they were turned over to the state department last month but the reason they are being talked about today is a federal judge shined a spotlight on them when he said they should be released and released faster, starting next month, after the state department reviews them. you may wonder why we are still talking about her e-mails. it's specifically because these 15,000 were not turned over when those 55,000 were turned over
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last year, for whatever reason. we don't know the reason of that. so until we see what's in some of these e-mails, this controversy and these questions may continue. >> these e-mails, the 15,000, they were looked at by the fbi because it was the fbi who discovered them, and the fbi is not bringing any charges. so i guess they didn't think there was any illegality there. where is clinton now? she hasn't really had public events for the past few days. >> she's not been campaigning much in public. she's in california for a three-day fund-raising swing. in fact, this evening she's doing a round of late night talk shows. she will be on with jimmy kimmel. she's also doing some fund-raising, big fund-raising at the mommy at the home of magic johnson. the final two weeks of august all about raising money specifically to fund tv ads. her campaign announced an $80 million strategy for the final stretch in all types of battleground states, trying to keep the focus on donald trump and his temperament. of course, these e-mails and other things have kept some of
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the spotlight on her campaign uncomfortably as well. >> jeff, thanks very much. back with the panel. joining us also is alex burns, national political reporter for the "new york times." alex, let's start with you. how big a problem are the new documents? the fbi has looked at them already but it certainly continues kind of the drum beat, the drip, drip of stories about these e-mails. >> absolutely. i think the only honest answer from a reporter's perspective is we don't know how big a problem they are going to be for hillary clinton because we the public don't actually know what's in them yet. presumably the clinton campaign must have some sense of what is lurking out there but they have not been particularly detailed in describing what other revelations might be yet to come. clearly, on a week like this, as jeff was describing, when hillary clinton has been mostly out of public view, when she has been trying to take a step back and let the heat stay on donald trump, this issue coming back to the foreground is obviously not helpful for her. >> maria, even though the clinton foundation, it's the
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question which the rnc asked which is a completely valid question, which is if as president, hillary clinton says the clinton foundation is not going to accept foreign donations, why was it okay for her when she was secretary of state for the clinton foundation to accept foreign donations? >> i think again, i think james was talking about this earlier, when she was doing her business of secretary of state, they tried to make -- do a firewall. it's difficult, though, obviously, when they know so many people in the clinton world, the clinton world, so many people in the secretary of state world. what we saw with the e-mails that came out is some fodder about people getting in touch with the clinton foundation, talking about the crown prince, but ultimately, that meeting if it happened, it happened through official channels. >> but an e-mail went to huma abedin saying this man is a good friend of ours, presumably meaning he gave a lot of money, could the secretary meet with him. >> here's the other thing. my understanding is that e-mail
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was sent as a personal assistant to president clinton, not as somebody who worked for dlintth clinton foundation. this is where the difficulty lies. people don't know where those barriers are. at the end of the day, what the clinton campaign said from the beginning and they stand by this, is they want every single e-mail out there. just to be clear about these 15,000, you talked about how the fbi and comey had already looked at this and that is important for the viewers to understand, and he actually said in announcing the fbi findings, he said that there is no evidence that the e-mails that were found were quote, intentionally deleted in an effort to conceal them. that is a really important point because that is what republicans are trying to pounce on. again, nothing has been found, no smoking gun, about anything. this seems to be the only thing they have going against her. yes, it was a self-inflicted wound. if this hadn't happened perhaps she would be 15 to 20 points ahead instead of five to ten. >> it's very simple. hillary clinton sat before congress and said under penalty of perjury i turned over all
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work related e-mails and here's how we did it. >> she did couch the phrase to the best of my knowledge. >> that's right. she said we looked through every single e-mail, my lawyers did and turned over all the work related ones. if you are looking through every single e-mail how did you somehow miss 15,000? that is completely strange. it was untruthful what she said. not only that, she said at the state department they had nothing to do with the clinton foundation. >> they didn't. >> we find out today that a clinton foundation official on cheryl mills' voice mail referred to our boss, hillary clinton. a clinton foundation official said her boss was in fact hillary clinton. >> that was rhetorical, come on. >> i understand the democrats want to defend her on this. the whole thing about the clinton foundation, it was this web of rubbing shoulders with bill clinton, if you go and you donate money, there was a whole sort of -- it wasn't just people
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wanted to do good works. i was also about connections to dli the clintons. >> today, the campaign manager of hillary clinton said if she's elected president we will stop taking foreign donations. they could stop taking them today. furthermore, they said if she's elected president she will step down from the foundation. she could step down right this very minute. they give this convoluted answer of she's really tied into a lot of different things. >> you are talking about bill clinton. >> you could step out today. >> that wasn't her. >> bill clinton could step out today from the foundation. it has nothing to do witness. that could be done with a piece of paper. they choose not to do it. bottom line is the notion of a potential impropriety is what has hillary clinton's support of trustworthiness at 11% with nae american public. >> what do you make of james carville's argument that millions of people have access to low cost hiv drugs they will die without and -- >> that's wonderful. except that the clinton foundation has spent only 2.9% of their money on direct services.
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the majority of their money is overhead. >> that's misleading. >> the hiv stuff, my understanding, i may be wrong, is they also negotiated -- >> it's 89%. >> at the same time, there are also questions about what happened in haiti, also questions about ukrainian and russian things. there is all kinds of issues going on here. the reason why bill clinton isn't stepping down right now is because they use the clinton foundation to travel all over the world on people's private jets and they funnel things through there. it's so pay to play. on that same 990 form, $20 million was spent on travel and expenses. more money than spent on these wonderful programs they allegedly do. it's very difficult for people to look at this and when you see there was another thing revealed today, there were 150 voice mail messages left between a clinton foundation director and one of hillary clinton's right hand people. 150 messages in like a year and a half.
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they are so in bed with these guys. it's unethical. >> i think, i know you can appreciate this from having been a former hill staffer as well. let me use this as an example. i worked for the cdc three years ago. the other point is congressman thompson for four years before that. i still call congressman thompson boss or the boss. i sit on the cdc board and you know, congressman, i sit on that board, i call him big boss. my congressman cleaver, work dad. going back to -- >> huma abedin had four different jobs. >> let her finish. >> i understand the optics. i'm not going to argue the optics with you. they are damning. i will give you that. it is our responsibility having sat in these privileged seats what the real is. >> the flipside of that --
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>> it's when you donate hundreds of thousands of dollars or between $5 million and $10 million to the clinton foundation and get put ahead of the line to have a meeting with the secretary of state, that's problematic. [ speaking simultaneously ] >> don't talk over each other. no one will listen. the flipside of this is this does allow the clinton folks to come back and say look, we are trying to be as transparent as possible, we released, the only reason people know about what money's raised by the clinton foundation because everything is transparent. donald trump hasn't released his tax returns. he's not transparent. >> she should not try to make a transparency argument here. she deleted half of her e-mails, 15,000 documents were discovered not by clinton being gratuitous saying i will put these forward for the sake of transparency. they were discovered by the fbi who found them via other routes. she is the last person to make a transparency argument. you know it's devastating to the american public she put our national secrets in a very perilous position, setting up this private e-mail server where you could have potentially put cia assets in harm's way.
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>> you know, this is a point i think you can't make too often. this is one of these situations that makes other republicans like the ted cruzes and jeb bushes of the world say my goodness how did we nominate the one guy in the world, if it were any other republican this would be a slam dunk of an argument to make. tara makes it very effectively. trump is so exposed on the other side of it that you do wonder whether he can sustain it over two and a half months. >> drew griffin has new reporting on the foundation and transparency in' in-depth report next.
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'. our panel have been debating this most of the evening. donald trump certainly focused sharply on it as well. hillary clinton's relationship while secretary of state with the clinton foundation. allegations that it was as donald trump put it a case of pay for play. the clinton camp and supporters of the foundation deny that. there are however big changes planned if secretary clinton is elected president. for the official name of the group to rules about who can donate money. the changes are viewed as a way to avoid even the appearance of conflict of interest. it begs the question if that's the goal, why weren't the changes made when clintson was secretary of state, drew griffin reports. >> reporter: this is a map of the world and these are the specific countries in this world that have given millions to the clinton foundation over the years. $10 million to $25 million from australia, norway and saudi arabia. $5 million to $10 million from the netherlands and kuwait.
6:19 pm
between $1 million and $5 million from the united ar arab emirates and brunai. foreign groups make up a huge share of donations to the clinton foundation. the campaign now says if hillary clinton becomes president, any foreign donations like these will no longer be accepted. cnn's dana bash asked hillary clinton's campaign manager why wait. >> why not do it now? why wait until the idea of her being president? why not do it when she is running for president? >> well, the foundation is doing an enormous amount of work and it takes time when you're in a number of countries around the world to retool, refocus the mission and adapt. >> reporter: at the heart of the issue is conflict of interest or even the appearance of one. namely, would a president clinton give favorable treatment to a country, company or person that donated millions of dollars
6:20 pm
to the foundation. that's how donald trump sees it. >> they've made hundreds of millions of dollars selling access, selling favors, selling government contracts and i mean hundreds of millions of dollars. >> reporter: despite that claim, there are no definitive examples of what trump says. but that doesn't mean there aren't questions. like long-time bill clinton pal and mining magnate, whose foundations have given more than $50 million to the clinton foundation. allowing bill clinton use of his private jet. when a company he founded merged with another that became part of a russian business deal that needed government approval, that deal got the okay from the state department run by hillary clinton. he says he sold his stakes in the company years before the russian deal. so anything wrong? no. all above-board, says the state department. other government agencies approved the deal. all the rules were followed.
6:21 pm
as they were in all cases involving monsanto. the food giant has donated between $1 million and $5 million to the clinton foundation and it has had multiple partnership projects with the clinton global initiative. in 2009, when hillary clinton took office as secretary of state, monsanto was actively lobbying the state department for helping promote an open market for its bioagricultural projects across the globe. and it all coincided with secretary clinton's global policy to promote agricultural biotechnology. according to clinton, she was promoting u.s. agriculture and especially the u.s. farmer, much like her republican predecessor did. but there is no doubt one of the big winners was the big agricultural giant and clinton foundation donor, monsanto. hoping to put the potential pay to play allegations, especially with foreign donations, to an end, it was bill clinton who
6:22 pm
tweeted this afternoon if hillary becomes president, the foundation will only take in money from u.s. citizens, permanent residents and u.s.-based independent foundations. and the bill, hillary and chelsea clinton foundation will change its name to just the clinton foundation. in other words, no hillary. >> drew joins me now. just to be clear, this only happens if hillary clinton is elected president? >> reporter: yes. it's a contingency plan. bill clinton putting out a statement today saying exactly that. if she is elected, the changes will be immediate. but not until then, at least that's not the impression from the statement. he did say it's a plan they have been working on for several months and will take a long period of time to untangle all the foreign business and partnerships that the clinton foundation is involved with all across the globe. >> even if elected the clinton foundation, they will still be raising money, they are just saying from u.s. sources? >> reporter: yes, only without bill clinton. he's going to step down.
6:23 pm
again, if she's elected. he says he will step down from the foundation board, he will also stop raising funds for the foundation, but the work of the foundation will go on. >> drew griffin, appreciate that. next, conspiracy theories circulating about hillary clinton's health and fitness for office. something peddled by trump supporters and surrogates. we unravel the theories and try to uncover any facts. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies.
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the former new york mayor rudy giuliani is many things to many people, perhaps most famously a steady comforting and measured voice to many new yorkers during the 9/11 nightmare. one thing he's not is a doctor yet lately he and other trump surrogates have been playing one on tv. they are suggesting somehow that hillary clinton is ill, possibly mentally impaired and in mayor giuliani's case, asking skeptics to get a second opinion from dr. google. >> what you've got to do is go online. >> her campaign and other people defending her are saying there's nothing factual to the claims about her health and that that's speculation at best. >> so go online and put down hillary clinton illness, take a look at the videos for yourself. >> well, see for yourself he
6:28 pm
says which is just what randi kaye did. >> reporter: it's moments like these that right wing groups are pouncing on to push the narrative that hillary clinton's health is failing. this was clinton at a muffin shop in june, reacting to reporters peppering her with questions. when critics suggested clinton had a seizure, one a.p. reporter who was there set the record straight, writing clinton responded with an exaggerated motion, shaking her head vigorously for a few seconds. after the exchange, she took a few more photos, exited the shop and greeted supporters waiting outside. conspiracy theorists have cooked up just about every condition for her. brain damage, check. parkinson's, check. autism, yep. even syphilis. none of it, though, is based on fact. but that hasn't stopped donald trump in recent days from fueling the speculation. >> importantly, she also lacks
6:29 pm
the mental and physical stamina to take on isis. >> reporter: the physical stamina he said suggesting she's too frail for the oval office. it's a popular theme among even mainstream conservatives, including former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, a trump adviser. >> she looks sick. >> reporter: clinton's team meanwhile suggesting trump is parroting lies. >> we hear rehashed conspiracy theories. >> reporter: rumors about the former secretary of state's health first began back in 2012 after she had a bad fall and suffered a concussion. she admitted in interviews she experienced double vision and dizziness but said repeatedly she felt great. >> i felt fine. >> reporter: her husband bill clinton echoed that while slamming those fueling the conspiracies. >> first they said she faked her concussion and now they say she's auditioning for a part on the walking dead. she works out every week. she is strong, she's doing
6:30 pm
great. >> reporter: doing great, that's not how conspiracy theorists see it and they see proof in images like this. secret service appearing to hold her up at a rally. aides helping her up the steps. and her falling as she boarded an airplane. they suggest it all points to her being sick. conspiracy theorists are also obsessed with clinton's cough on the campaign trail, her constant use of pillows during interviews and her long bathroom break during the abc debate. >> sorry. >> reporter: even her hearty laugh is an indication they suggest of a brain issue. all of this despite a letter released in july last year from clinton's internist of 15 years, describing clinton as healthy, listing her medical conditions as hypothyroidism and seasonal pollen allergies. the doctor ended the letter saying clinton is in excellent physical condition and fit to be president of the united states. randi kaye, cnn, new york.
6:31 pm
>> we are back with the panel. alex, how much is this in some ways the birther movement? you can show all the evidence you want, you can have the note from the doctor, but still, president obama showed his birth certificate, there are still people who believe he wasn't born in the united states? >> it's a lot like that not just because of the person delivering this message and sort of the community that latches on to it but there's this whole universe of conservative media, sites like breitbart, hosts like sean hannity and a range of other talk radio hosts who will stoke this stuff and give folks who tend to believe the stuff donald trump says validation, that there are other people out there who see things the same way. at the same time, the great body of republican elected officials and voters don't live entirely in that universe, so this kind of thing becomes terribly embarrassing to people who would really rather, much the same way as mainstream republicans tried to get away from the birther stuff in 2012 when they wanted to run on a campaign about
6:32 pm
obamacare and the economy, this is embarrassing to republicans who want to run against hillary clinton based on policy and based on differences in their agendas and their records. this is not helpful to anybody in the party who is trying to deliver a broader message about which party is better for regular people. >> i think it's really important to isolate what donald trump has said specifically about this because every time donald trump's talked about this, he contrasts his physical stamina with hers. he's been doing this since december. >> come on. he said she's not all there. >> let me finish. since long before these kind of theories were popping oup breitbart, donald trump was contrasting stamina. in agricultuugust she spent sev off. he was on the trail shake voters' hands. he's not talking about some brain issue or sickness. i understand other conservative sites have pushed and peddled that -- >> but his surrogates, rudy giuliani is saying go on the internet and google this. >> he doesn't agree with everything his surrogates say. i have been on here not defending trump at times. i doubt he agrees with me during those times. donald trump himself has
6:33 pm
contrasted his stamina with hillary clinton's. he's not bought into -- >> alex? >> it's just not true. he's said she's not all there. >> he has. >> questioned her mental stamina compared to his. >> he's literally said she's not all there. >> that's a quote. >> which is a true, he's had a much more aggressive schedule this month. if he was out there simply saying that, that would be a much safer thing a lot of other republicans would be much more comfortable going along with. >> also, not all there, he's referring to the short circuit comment which she said. you had tim kaine say donald trump is confused. we heard several of her surrogates question my candidate's mental health. >> we have talked about that on this show previously. i think that is a risky place for democrats to go in this election. it happens to be sort of a different thing to say rhetorically that this guy's a little nuts versus the kind of thing giuliani is saying which is go online and check out her health. that's crossing an entirely different line. >> every time i go on my twitter
6:34 pm
account after a show like this, i have those pictures, those memes of her falling up and down the stairs. all of these things. this is something where i think this is demonstrative opportunity for donald trump to try to push back and tear down some of these things, maybe in the next one-on-one interview he has. >> absolutely not. >> he talks about her physical and mental stamina helping to kind of push out that curiosity. he leaves the open-ended question. >> a dog whistle. >> absolutely. we have seen him do it a hundred times. >> she can solve this. she hasn't had a press conference in 261 days. donald trump does this all the time. where is hillary clinton? she's off the trail. she's resting. she does an interview with chris wallace and isn't seen for three more days. this is a very simple thing to do. >> cory's pushing it. >> let her address the issues, let her address the media for the first time in 261 days, let her answer questions about why she won't close the foundation
6:35 pm
the boston globe asked for, huffington post asked for, other left-leaning publications asked her to do. she refuses to do those things. let her stand before the media and address those things. >> here's the problem. >> will you acknowledge you just pushed the same theory we are trying to debunk? you just left it open like i don't know why she's not around. i don't know why she's not present. >> she should address the media. >> she will be on jimmy kimmel tonight. >> have a press conference. she hasn't had one in 261 days. >> what about the blacklisting you guys have? >> look, this doesn't relate to health but certainly the question of her not being accessible to the press for a press conference -- >> [ speaking simultaneously ] >> nobody can hear anything you're saying because you're all talking at once. >> those points are valid. where is hillary clinton, what is she doing? she's been at fund-raisers at billionaires' houses in los angeles when oftentimes you don't see her for a couple days because she's out raising money from her billionaire friends. these are legitimate criticisms of hillary clinton.
6:36 pm
but then why engage in traffic in these conspiracy theories that undermine the credibility of the legitimate ones? that's the frustrating part that make people think donald trump doesn't really want to win. when he had an opportunity on sean hannity's show talking about the clinton foundation and how corrupt it was, donald trump actually said well, i think we should give them the benefit of the doubt. what? sean hannity was even exasperated by that. he was like you are giving them the benefit of the doubt? donald trump takes two steps forward and five steps back every time it comes to things like this and trafficking in conspiracy theories does not help. >> i was surprised to hear rudy giuliani, who obviously was heroic in leadership on 9/11 talk about going on the internet. plenty of people believe 9/11 didn't happen the way it actually happened and point to the internet. there are people believe sandy hook didn't happen. >> i talked to a number of republicans who are really shocked to see him out there like this, both because it's not
6:37 pm
in keeping with how he's sort of tried to prosecute national politics as a general matter, he's a person who has valued his stature as someone who is admired across party lines. >> america's mayor. >> right, for awhile. on top of that, republicans don't see this as helpful to donald trump. they see rudy as somebody who really could be out there hammering away on the substance of national security issues instead of doing this kind of thing which folks in the party outside the trump campaign see as ultimately undermining both the candidate and the party's candidates in general. >> this is going to be not helpful to rudy giuliani's credibility because i can't believe he actually said go out there and google hillary clinton and illness because if you do the same thing about rudy giuliani, there's a lot of conspiracy theories about what's going on with him, too. that's not helpful. on that stamina part, you know, i think hillary clinton would put her stamina up against donald trump's any day of the week and twice on sunday. let's remember that last year, he complained about a three-hour debate. he was sweating, he was hanging
6:38 pm
on to the podium. hillary clinton went through 11 hours of testimony before congress. let's see him do that. >> stay with us. want to get the panel's take on what appears to be a change in donald trump's immigration policy and call to deport 11 million people. this just happened moments ago. we will tell you about it next. ♪
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we have been hearing rumblings about the trump campaign fine-tuning its immigration policy. moments ago, new trump hire kellyanne conway spoke to fox' megyn kelly to give details about the deportation force trump envisioned and who they would deport. quote, you have to deport those who committed crimes. in other words, not all 11 million undocumented immigrants. he will deport those who absolutely committed a crime, being convicted of a kwiem, he will make sure that american jobs are protected, he will absolutely build that wall. back with the panel. it is a change, early on during the primary, donald trump was very clear on those debate stages saying all 11 million, there's got to be law and order, there's got to be fairness in the system, the people who came here legally who were waiting in line, you can't reward those who are here and he said there would be a deportation force.
6:43 pm
>> another thing donald trump said back in the march debate was that no good leader is not flexible, that it's important to be flexible and listen and learn and when you learn something, to change. when you need to change. he sat down saturday with hispanic leaders, spoke with them and it sounds like they came to an understanding that the overriding principle of his cam opinion which is border security will remain the same, that this is where there needs to be a change. contrast that with dexs with 19,723 illegal immigrants who committed crimes were let back out into society, 200 murderers. this is a stark contrast from the democrats. he evolved where he needed to and i like the policy. >> this is unbelievable. the pitchfork crowd that was like send them back at these donald trump rallies and mexico, we are going to build the wall, you would see donald trump get some kind of rise out of the crowd and he would like that, he would get off on it at these rallies talking about illegal immigration. this was his bread and butter issue. he was a hardliner on it and listen, i worked on illegal
6:44 pm
immigration when i worked in congress for seven years. i'm a staunch opponent of illegal immigration and border security has to be a priority. i was there when we pushed back in 2007 against george bush's amnesty programs that he wanted to push through so i am no swish on illegal immigration. >> you see this as a complete flip-flop? >> complete flip-flop. not one time during all those things when he was very xenophobic messaging here, did he say specifically the criminals are going to go. he never said that. that's the position that marco rubio had. >> during the primary debates, there were an awful lot of other republicans on that stage saying look, that's not possible. it's just not going to happen. donald trump made hay of it and got votes probably because people liked the strength of that position. >> he said a couple things. he never changed. he said i'm going to build a wall. that didn't change. he said it again today. i will build that wall. he also said i will be fair and humane to people and understand how the government will try to
6:45 pm
identify the 11 or potentially 30 illegal immigrants in the country. if you are a convicted felon you got to go no. question about it. you got to follow the rules to come into the country. most of the people didn't follow the rules in the first place. now that they are convicted felons they need to go back. >> is that the 11 million? >> how is it different? >> what donald trump has said, he said this, he doesn't want to split up families. >> he said that. >> what wants to do is work humanely. we know the immigration and naturalization and custom and border protection have a giant bureaucracy in front of them they don't know who's coming into the country. until we can get the handle on how many illegals are in this country we can't start deporting people. >> you're saying it's not a change of position. >> is mexico paying for this wall or not? >> absolutely. >> okay. let's see about that. so this is the one thing i think is really important. we continue to talk about undocumented people as if they're not human. that is the first crime against the humane factor that he continues to tout. i think the other issue is,
6:46 pm
donald trump did put this out as something that he was hardline on, he wasn't going to change on. he absolutely did get votes as a result. even if he is a flexible leader, which i have questions about flexibility and leadership, i doubt that this is one thing that primary voters thought they would be compromising. >> i do want to stress the importance of being cautious here in that we haven't actually heard donald trump outline his immigration policy or adjusted immigration policy directly from his mouth. we have spent a lot of time in this campaign listening to people around him or who support him and advise him talking about what donald trump is going to do next and he has not always done it. >> it's a good point. he was supposed to do that on thursday. now he's no longer doing that. 7. >> there may well be a desire on the part of the trump campaign and even on the part of trump himself to get to a more electable place on immigration but how he personally does it is what this always comes down to. >> so he has absolutely said that he wants to deport the families, he says he doesn't want to split them apart. they need to all go.
6:47 pm
right? the grandmother, the mother, the kids, everybody needs to go. that would be a fundamental flip-flop if this is a change. not only that, it would actually equal what the democratic position is on immigration. which -- hang on a second. he has -- the point is we don't really know what the position is. i believe that he is searching for a way not to get more latino voters, certainly not to get more african-american voters. i think he's given up on that. you mentioned this earlier. i think this is a ploy to get white suburban women who perhaps can then think oh, perhaps he's not such a racist, perhaps he's not such a bigot if he will let some immigrants stay here. he wants to be humane about it. it's a crock. he doesn't care. >> it's no accident that kellyanne went out and introduced -- >> exactly. >> -- the policy on sunday. she's the softer, gentler side of donald trump. versus' steve bannon who runs a website that is unbelievably bigoted against immigrants and
6:48 pm
everybody else. something else really quickly. donald trump in 2012 went after mitt romney, called him mean-spirited for his self-deportation comments and immigration policy. he called it maniacal and said the democrats may be wrong on policy but at least they're kind. >> i want to get the donald trump perspective here. do you expect trump, what do you make of kellyanne conway saying this tonight and that it hasn't come from the candidate? >> that position of deporting people who are convicted felons has never changed from mr. trump. what he said he's going to do, and i think we should give him to do to do is lay out his immigration plan. we know he just met with the s hispanic community. he said he's going to build a wall. if you are a convicted felon you will leave the country. we will do it humanely. he will put americans first for a change. let's wait and see -- >> it's been a year. what's he been doing for the last year? >> there's a fundamental misunderstanding of republican voters. republican voters aren't foaming at the mouth to deport people. what republican voters don't
6:49 pm
want -- >> that's true. exactly. >> ronald reagan passed a bill that promised enforcement and promised legalization only after enforcement. that bill was contorted, amendments were added, we never got border security. instead we had porous borders with 11 million more immigrants. republican voters don't want deportation necessarily. they want safe borders. one of the first babies born in the u.s. with zika complications and her mom's fears about her child's future. d we came up with a plan to help reduce my risk of progression. and everywhere i look... i'm reminded to stick to my plan. including preservision areds 2. my doctor said preservision areds 2 has the exact nutrient formula that the national eye institute recommends to help reduce the risk of progression of moderate to advanced amd... after 15 years of clinical studies. preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything.
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more than 2,000 zika cases have been confirmed in the u.s. according to the cdc, most travel related meaning people were infected outside the united states. in two sections of miami-dade county, florida, three dozens people have contracted zika from local mosquitos which prompted federal officials to issue a travel warning for pregnant women and their sexual partners. we're learning new details about one of the first babies born in the u.s. with zika complications. >> reporter: she looks like any other 7 week old baby but she's not because her mother, maria mendoza, had zika when she was three months pregnant. she caught the disease in venezuela and gave birth here in miami. the scan of her eyes shows scarring on her retina caused by the infection. mris also found calcifications in her brain. deposits of calcium that shouldn't be there. >> translator: i cried a lot. one always thinks the worst is
6:54 pm
going to happen because you don't know what part of the brain was damaged. doctors wouldn't say a lot because they were doing a bunch of tests. it was horrible. it still is. the fear is there. >> reporter: the doctor, an infectious disease specialist at nicholas children's hospital in miami is taking care of her. >> she has several complications which are pieces of calcifying tissue in the brain that means that that part of the brain at some point was infected. >> what do these calcifications mean for her future? >> i don't know. she's only 2 month old. >> reporter: he said doctors will have to be vigilant. you'll be watching for hearing problems, vision problems and cognitive development problems. >> correct. correct. >> reporter: and how long will you be watching her for those? >> probably five or six years, for a long time. >> reporter: every day her mother does physical therapy with her to make sure she
6:55 pm
develops good muscle tone. she said the doctors are optimistic that with therapy and constant monitoring, she will be fine. but she and her husband won't be sure for years. >> translator: the future is uncertain. we keep a very positive mind. a lot of faith in god and the virgin. >> you're a sweet girl. you're a sweet girl. >> reporter: mendoza says she feels for the women who are pregnant now in miami and trying to avoid zika. >> translator: i would say to them to not leave their homes because it's a situation that is impossible to cope with. it's an anguish that will keep you awake. >> zika spread from one community to another in south florida, do we expect it to spread further? what does that and if for the health of babies in the area? >> anderson, the experts i've been talking to say, yes, they do expect it to spread further. they say even when we spray for mosquitos which they're doing diligently in florida, there's a limit what they can do. it doesn't get rid of all of
6:56 pm
them. as far as what it means for babies, hopefully now women will heed the warning. if you're pregnant, use bug spray and cover up, long sleeves and long pants. maria mendoza, the woman we met in our story, she never got the warnings because when she was pregnant back in december, we knew so little about zika and birth defects. anderson? >> incredibly worrying for people there. elizabe elizabeth, thanks so much. we wish maria and her baby the best. we'll be right back. like this guy. technically i'm a cook. sign up here. drive a few hours a day. make $300 a week. actually it's a little bit more than that. that's extra buy-you-stuff money. or buy-them-stuff money. calling all early risers, nine-to-fivers and night owls. with uber-a little drive goes a long way. start earning this week. go to
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it's been a busy two hours. tomorrow should be no different, given tonight's breaking news. we'll keep on eye on how some stories play out including donald trump's potentially evolving immigration policy. that does it for us. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. donald trump ramping up his attacks on hillary clinton's character calling for a special prosecutor to investigate her. this is "cnn tonight." aisle don levelmon. he's postponing a major speech on immigration giving his campaign a chance to fine tune the policy. trump had a rally in akron, ohio, doubling down on his signature policy idea. >> we're going to build a wall, folks. we're going to build it. don't worry. we're going to build the wall. that wall will go up so fast your head will spin. >> trump touching on a lot of